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Red flag on one of Dénia's beaches

August 07 from 2023 - 16: 49

The red flag flies again on the Dénia coast. The ban on bathing, however, at the moment only affects one of the beaches farther from the city.

Once again, the sea storm has forced extreme precautions on the Dénia coast. The water conditions can put the safety of bathers at risk, which is why the surveillance team has chosen to prohibit bathing and avoid unpleasant accidents.

On this occasion, the prohibition only affects the beach of Les Deveses, in the extreme north of the Dianense coast. Therefore, in the rest of the beaches you can continue to enjoy bathing, in the case of Les Rotes y Punta del Raset, where the yellow flag is placed, with caution

  1. Demetrio says:

    The truth is that if Denia did not have a beach, Perry would not come here. If there is tourism, it is by the beach, not by the city. We still want a progressive city full of tents and motorhomes with people shitting in the sand while turtles lay eggs and roquals go by eating them.

  2. Pau (FR) says:

    Are you listening/reading?
    Are you going to protest to the City Council because there are algae and remains of marine vegetation on some beaches that are trying to be kept natural?
    There was a small storm, it is being collected according to the possibilities.
    Also make claims that there are ants in the grass, that leaves are falling from the trees in the parks, that the birds sing very loudly and that the wind blows from the side that you don't like.
    come on crazy

  3. Pedro says:

    We're going for a week and the beaches are still a mess. You can see Mr. Vicent and his acolytes have gone on vacation to another place. It will be a matter of taking note.

  4. Joan says:

    Beach cleaning and…

  5. Jesus says:

    What you have to do is make complaints to the town hall so that they do something and get the colors out of them. I have already put mine.

  6. Nino says:

    A bath in the seaweed on the beach is therapeutic, comforting and nourishes the skin and mind
    Haven't tried it?
    Do it and then tell it
    Since the City Council does not withdraw them, showing off its progressive promises to maintain the beaches and the well-being of Citizens and tourists in Denia, let's take advantage of it as a tourist attraction.

  7. Celestino says:

    If I do not see it, I do not believe it. It is clear that vacationers do not vote.

    • Roy says:

      They will vote with their feet and not return!!

      • Jopelin says:

        I'll translate it for you Mr. Roy. Don't be vague:
        They will vote with their feet and will not return!!

        • Roy says:

          Not sure what your point is – if it's meant to be sarcastic- you certainly are not that sharp. I am from the Uk and speak fluent Spanish- not unfortunately Valencino Have a nice day – you may not really understand what l am really saying!!!

  8. Celestino says:

    The situation of the Raset beach is a disaster. It is to blush. It has been three days without collecting algae. It is seen that visitors do not vote and their vacations can be spoiled

  9. Roy says:

    You could not enter the sea at Los Angeles hotel beach the sea was a filthy color and full of weed it's good to know that the agreement concerning various parties that posidonia is vital for the survival of the sea in our area What a load of bollocks ! !! If these beaches are not kept clean the tourists and their money will move elsewhere Get your act together Grimalt & your cronies There's more to life than endless “historical” 40 year old parties with photo shoot opportunities

    • Jopelin says:

      You are lazy Roy: You could not enter the sea on the beach of the Los Angeles hotel the sea was a disgusting color and full of algae it is good to know that the agreement between various parties that posidonia is vital for the survival of the sea in our area What bullshit! !! If these beaches aren't kept clean, tourists and their money will move elsewhere Get your act together Grimalt and his cronies There's more to life than endless "historical" 40th birthday parties with photo op opportunities

    • Margherita says:

      Roy, why don't you show some respect for your host country. Perhaps you should think of the catastrophic situation of the waters in and around your home country and keep your coarse language for your own politicians who mightily deserve it. Don't lower people's opinion of the British abroad any further please. Thank you.

  10. Tamara says:

    Could someone tell me if they are going to clean the algae from the shore of the beach? I have never seen the beach like this and it doesn't look like they are cleaning…

  11. David says:

    More should be said about the lamentable state of the beaches and less about the color of the flags in my opinion

    • Tamara says:

      I agree

    • Javi says:

      Well, at the age of 47, I have been bathing on the beaches of Denia since I was little, since I was born here, the poseidonia is vital for marine life, etc, etc. And the Dianenses have never bothered us to bathe or bite or insult you, but of course we will destroy everything that bothers who comes 1 month of vacation

      • Jopelin says:

        Who has said or written that the posidonias disappear. Don't be a populist.
        It is said that they clean the shores of dead algae

      • David says:

        Javi, the only thing that is requested is that they clean the beaches. At no time have I spoken of poseidonia. Closing your comment despising those who come to Denia for 1 month on vacation is not recognizing that a good part of Denia's economy is based on these people who decide to leave their money here instead of in other places.

      • Paco says:

        The beaches of Denia have never been so dirty, and it must be taken into account that so many taxes have never been paid for cleaning. It doesn't add up, don't you see? On the one hand they rob you and on the other the cleaning conditions are the worst I've seen in my entire life. Let's see if we're waking up now

      • pissed off tourist says:

        Surely you eat thanks to tourism