Center Fisiobioestètic

Center Fisiobioestètic

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The physiotherapist Franck Robert attends you at the Center Fisiobioestètic, an integral center where your professionals will help you to feel better thanks to the numerous treatments available.

Osteopathy works according to the principles of the titular approach with the support of the DIP method, which offers a global treatment to help patients find their balance and free them from their discomfort.

Discover how to help your child to improve their motor and cognitive abilities, after a valuation, you will take the SOUNDSORY® home: a novel multisensory program that combines music and movements to help you with your attention deficit with or without hyperactivity.

Franck Robert has been working for 20 for years with babies and children, alleviating his respiratory problems, the disorders generated during pregnancy and childbirth.

Teach preparation practices with a small group and very personalized, so that the day of the birth of your child you are completely ready and calm.

Learn how your spine works in the Back School, medical gymnastics prevention to limit the pain.

In addition, to work your posture and your back in a safe and complete way, we recommend the Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics. You will recover your flat belly and tone your pelvic floor, ideal after childbirth.

Aesthetics and nutrition

Treat your cellulite and your face with the non-invasive LPG technology, Endermologie technology and 100% natural exclusive anti-aging, endorsed by the best scientific publications and with quickly visible results. Eliminate your toxins and heavy metals with infrared sauna PHOTON.

Discover its aesthetic service with numerous services such as hair removal, manicure, semi-permanent nail polish, pedicure, semi-permanent enamel pedicure, relaxing massage, cellulite massage, abdomen massage, facial hygiene and facial treatment, among others.

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, helps you in the control of overweight and its consequences.


As if that were not enough, they have Integral Yoga classes with Estíbaliz Franco, in small groups with a maximum of six people, which allows to personalize and adapt each session to each and every one of the practitioners. With Tuesday and Thursday schedule of 18: 30 to 19: 45 and 20: 00 to 21: 15 hours.

In Center Fisiobioestètic.


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  1. Elisa says:

    Very professional. Facial cleansing and body scrub in one go !! I recommend it!

  2. Michel Zinsius says:

    Bonjour .75 ans .problèmes dos et épaules.pas encore d'ostéopathe d 'Espagne.
    Ici seulement depuis 1 an .j'avais a friend in France who pratiquait l'ostéopathie, école française.
    Pensez vous pouvoir me soulager ??
    J'ai votre phone number. Adresse ??

  3. Abdulmohsin says:

    How to contact you make an appointment

  4. Almudena Boscá Moncho says:

    I want them!!!

    • Gaëlle says:

      Franck is professional, close and friendly.
      The aesthetic consultation service is excellent, it is very professional, perfectionist and friendly.