Tasca El Gallego, one of the most emblematic restaurants in the fishing district of Dénia, closes after 50 years

Tasca El Gallego, one of the most emblematic restaurants in the fishing district of Dénia, closes after 50 years

May 21 from 2024 - 08: 34

The hospitality fabric of Dénia is changing with the new fashions and demands of tourism. The streets become unrecognizable every so often and the premises tend to change hands continually. Now it is time to close one of the oldest and most emblematic establishments in Baix la Mar, one of those restaurants that characterize the neighborhood, although in this case, in this neighborhood, so many food businesses have sprung up that they threaten to make us forget the elders and precursors. This week Tasca El Gallego says goodbye.

After half a century, the only Galician food restaurant in Baix la Mar for so long, and one of the first in Dénia (if not the first), will lower its blinds to raise it again converted into a churrería.

Although others were in charge of opening and establishing the premises, for 25 years, since it evolved from Galician Tasca a Tasca El Gallego, is owned by José Montes Rego, a Galician who left his land to come to Dénia 46 years ago because he had been told that "it is very good here." Together with his wife, Juana María, they have taken the tavern to its current levels of popularity, making it the favorite of a large permanent clientele that they already consider friends.

José Montes is now 65 years old, so he has decided to retire after a life dedicated to the hospitality industry in Dénia. And with him the first Galician restaurant in Baix la Mar retires.

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  1. María Eugenia Puchol says:

    Being at home, with family... THANK YOU Juani for so many wonderful moments.... Unique place to keep in your heart, on the shelf of unforgettable moments. Kisses from Javi, Tito and Mariu...and from my parents, of course, Paco and Mari. Enjoy and treasure moments ❤️
    Life is in a hurry 🫂

  2. Paco Morenas says:

    A wonderful family, the best treatment, and the best chocolate mousse in the universe, thank you for all those times that we have gone to lunch and dinner, and in addition to delighting ourselves with their northern delicacies, we have felt at home, to enjoy a deserved vacation …

  3. José Ramón Rafet says:

    A shame...but they deserved the rest... great and thank you

    • Carmen and Paco Puchol' from Madrid says:

      Where they ate the best rubble' apart from the cordiality of the three occupants' Juani, José and Vicente