Aesthetic Clinic Castelblanque

Aesthetic Clinic Castelblanque

C / Marques de Campo, 46. 4º 9 floor door. Oficampos building. See map
609 29 00 44
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9: 30 to 15: 30h. Tuesday from 15 to 20: 30h
Beauty, Leisure, "Salud"

Clinica Castelblanque

Castelblanque Clinic, feel the beauty

Castelblanque Clinic is your clinic specialized in aesthetic medicine Dénia. With a wide and recognized professional career, Dr. Laura Castelblanque (Col. 18014. Master's Degree in Aesthetic Medicine. Health Center No. 7131 of the Generalitat Valenciana) performs the most effective treatments and with the most advanced techniques for the care of your skin.

Facial treatments:

- Hyaluronic acid: facial redensification, say goodbye to dark circles, give volume to your lips... Facial rejuvenation with very good results.
- Botox: Clear your gaze, to give it more luminosity and the expression of tired eyes disappears.
- Tensioning wires: lifting effect without adding volume for heavier faces.
- Facial mesotherapy with vitamins
- Medical-chemical peel: hydration, for acne…
- Male-look: jaw enhancement treatment for men.
- Facial laser -medical pulsed light-: Nordlys for spots, acne marks…

Body treatments:

- Mesotherapy
- Pressotherapy
- Body laser-medical pulsed light-: Northern Lights
- Botox Dry
- Eliminate cellulite: Cyclone


C / Marques de Campo, 46. 4º 9 floor door. Oficampos building. -
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  1. Pierrot says:

    Pouviez vous me confirm prix pour rides du lyon et contour lèvres merci

  2. Joëlle says:

    Je suis ravie des traitements à l'acide hyluronique le seul problème reste les hematomes importants during trois semaines. Merci tout de même pour les résultats. Je confirm je suis très satisfaite!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hello, do you underarm whitening?

  4. clinical Castelblanque says:

    Bonjour, pouvez-vous nous appeler au 96 642 15 49 et nous vous informerons de tous les dà © tails?

  5. Linda says:

    Hi how much is Botox? por favor .

  6. Fiona knight says:

    I would like to have botox on the forehead and above lips. I came last year to have botox with you. How much is it please? I live in Denia and was recommended by my friend Marta Benavente

  7. KM Chisholm says:

    Can you give me any idea as to the cost of botox to the face and fillers from the nose to the mouth and from the mouth to the chin line also what kind of collagen do you use in this treatment and how safe is it.
    One final question are those that administer this treatment qualified to do so what qualifications do they have?

  8. carme says:

    hello me an commented. that disolveis fat with some injections. megustaria know how that .presupuesto. Thank you

  9. amelia marcilla says:

    Hello first congratulations for the good comments people have trusted vos.yo q I can not say anything pq not even know you'd love me but the economy will not let me take care of myself and I like doing exercise took him bad food Jiji. to see if I'm lucky and I have to draw some your q I was delighted to put myself in your hands. felicidaded all the equpo.
    All the best

  10. MC says:

    Hello good afternoon:
    Now I live in Madrid, but I'm from Denia where my mother and my family lives on 13 October is the birthday of my mother and I would like to give some of the peel that sorteáis have if I have luck and my mother as a gift, a kiss.

  11. wally ginnette says:

    I am writing by one of the free peeling thanks in advance for the opportunity they give us.

  12. Toniquin says:

    Laura is a very beautiful person both inside and
    out, and a good professional. A big kiss to all the team
    (Including children naturally)

  13. Jose Luis says:

    It was my first treatment after visiting several clinics and here I have decided the deal was the best and explanations of Dr. gave me the push I needed. I spent all the time in the world and it shows that this is the first clinical patient can not be treated better and the spectacular result. Botox and facial filler made me improve my appearance today is very important.

  14. Alfonso says:

    A 10! I recommend the clinic to everyone. My girlfriend and I are delighted, Laura treats us great, not only it makes you feel good on the outside but is also an injection of self esteem and self confidence.