From which cities do national visitors to Dénia come from on these dates?

15 2023 April - 08: 40

Holy Week this year has served a large number of Spaniards to escape from routine, many choosing Dénia as a refuge during those days. But it is nothing new, because every year the capital of the Marina Alta It usually welcomes a huge number of national tourists on these dates.

According to the data of the Mobility study with 'big data' from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Easter last year was the perfect excuse for one in five residents of the 50 largest cities in the country to go on a trip. This caused the population of another 500 municipalities to double during those days.

Among the favorite destinations for national tourists is Dénia, which was visited in 2022 by numerous travelers from various cities. According to the study, the residents of Valencia are the ones who prefer our city at this time, since 213 out of every 10.000 people who left the Valencian capital went to come to Dénia, which is equivalent to approximately 3410 people.

However, Madrid and the municipalities on its periphery are those that contributed the greatest number of national tourists. 5935 people arrived from Madrid (65 out of every 10.000 who left the Spanish capital went to Dénia). Now, if you add to that figure the number from other Madrid towns reaches 7.188 visitors from that community.

National tourists in the Holy Week of 2022 in Dénia by origin

  • Madrid: 5935
  • Valencia: 3410
  • Barcelona: 307
  • Alcala de Henares: 212
  • Torrejon de Ardoz: 197
  • Fuenlabrada: 177
  • Alcorcon: 172
  • Zaragoza: 172
  • Getafe: 170
  • Alicante: 169
  • Leganes: 164
  • Mostoles: 161
  • Victory: 144
  • Bilbao: 122
  • Saint Sebastian: 119
  • Albacete: 101
  • Palm: 96
  • Elx: 94
  • Castelló: 88
  • Murcia: 78
  • Pamplona: 72
  • Valladolid: 68
  • Terrace: 43
  • Burgos: 42
  • Salamanca: 37
  • Logrono: 33
  • Malaga: 30
  • Almeria: 23
  • Oviedo: 21
  • Seville: 20
  • Sabadell: 18
  • Santander: 17
  • Badalona: 17
  • Vigo: 15
  • Cartagena: 13
  • Gijón: 13
  • Granada: 13
  • Tarragona: 12
  • Marbella: 10
  • San Cristobal de la Laguna: 10
  • Las Palmas: 8
  • Hospitalet: 8
  • Badajoz: 6
  • Jerez de la Frontera: 5
  • Lleida: 4
  • Two sisters: 4
  • Cordoba: 4
  1. Dani says:

    Tourists are necessary to enrich the economy of the city.
    Sightseeing in Spain should be easy with free train and bus, rooms for €20-30 plus breakfast.
    Being able to go to a bar and pay €8 for the menu or not pay if you have been there a minimum of 15 times.
    And visit a museum for €3.
    This is what we propose from Popular Revolt.
    Facilitate national tourism.
    Of course there is a high price.
    You would work 15 hours for €100 per month.
    From there you would have to pay the "Collection Tax Rate" (€50 every 3 months) that the Treasury would charge you.
    So tourism is very important.
    Do not forget

  2. Carmen says:

    In Madrid, they live surrounded by shopping centers and when they leave there and cannot find them in other places, it is as if they lacked air. We must be empathetic and show them how happy they are without shopping malls.

    • Alf says:

      In my case, when I go to Denia, which is very frequent, I try to find tranquility and a calm activity. I think Denia does offer those qualities. She combines the old with the new.
      It is true that in recent years there has been a certain lack of maintenance, although it is also true that things are being done.
      I don't think the issue of shopping centers contributes to Denia, in fact we have the largest shopping center on the web. I don't think it would bring benefits and could bankrupt the economy of the merchants, who offer local service
      Greetings to all

  3. Jesus says:

    Those of us who go from Segovia are considered Madrileños?????

  4. Pillar says:

    For all those tourists, including myself, it is time that the rulers of Denia offer something more than sun and sand. Some Shopping Center in the city, some Culture etc.

    • Alejandro says:

      What..., are they going to come from Madrid to Dénia to go to a Shopping Center? I hallucinate, that is the tourism that we have…. Those of us who live here have other priorities…

    • Juanita says:

      Well, if you don't like our town, don't come. Go to Benidorm, because there you will surely have all your needs covered. What there is to read

    • José says:

      You come to Madrid to look for shopping centers…..stay in Madrid