Dénia achieves the application of industrial water rates to the different facilities of the port

Dénia achieves the application of industrial water rates to the different facilities of the port

February 29 from 2024 - 09: 57

The president of the Port Advisory Board of the Port of Dénia, Gabriel Martínez, met a few days ago with the mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt and with the manager of Aqualia, Manuel Rosado, to try to reach an agreement on the water rate which applies to the concessionaire companies of the Port of Dénia.

«I want to thank the mayor for the work he has been doing all this time, until we have finally been able to find a formula in which it would be possible to apply industrial rates to the port and industrial facilities of our port. It is an issue that entailed a certain legal difficulty, since the water regulations at the time it was drafted and implemented did not contemplate the needs we have in our facilities, since they did not yet exist at that time. After a couple of years working on it from the City Council and the Port Board, we have finally managed to fit everything together and soon it will be possible for this rate to become a reality, which is of great importance since it will help increase the competitiveness of our facilities in the acquisition and maintenance of our nautical tourism portfolio," said Gabriel Martínez.

The next phase of this agreement involves a meeting with the Department of Environment, Water, Infrastructure and Territory of the Generalitat Valenciana, since there are certain sections of the networks that are outside the municipal domain and a fit will have to be reached between both parties. . "We want this to happen in the first quarter of the year and for this project to see the light after several years."

The Port Advisory Board of the Port of Dénia is made up of the concessionaires that operate in the port: Balearia, Varadero Port Dénia, Cofradía de Pescadores, Marina El Portet, Marina Dénia and Náutica Noguera. This body acts as an interlocutor with both the Dénia City Council and the Generalitat Valenciana. «Public-private collaboration is essential and that we are all aligned in the proposals and decisions that are made, assured Gabriel Martínez. The Port of Dénia has more than 2.000 moorings, making it one of the coastal centers of the Mediterranean with the most moorings per inhabitant. It generates more than 1.200 direct jobs and almost 7.000 indirect jobs.

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  1. NinoP says:

    One more favoritism in the purest style of the putrid Botánic that governs us.
    While the water for citizens increases by more than 8%, the large companies in the port benefit from industrial water “to make nautical tourism more attractive.”
    Surely the City Council and its cronies benefit from this.
    Another attack on the citizen who supports this barbarity.
    Shameful once again