Dénia penalizes Urbaser, forcing him to pay €1.357 per day until he fulfills the contract

Dénia penalizes Urbaser, forcing him to pay €1.357 per day until he fulfills the contract

29 December 2023 - 12: 28

In the plenary session held in Dénia this Thursday, the measures for the imposition of penalties in the contract for the management of the public service of solid waste collection, urban cleaning and Ecopark. On November 22, 2023, the Department of the Environment issued a report of non-compliance by Urbaser S.A. of the obligations derived from the contract signed on February 1, 2022, between it and the Dénia City Council. Urbaser began providing the public solid waste collection, urban cleaning and Ecopark service on July 1, 2022.

According to the Treasury Department, Urbaser did not incorporate all the vehicles and machinery linked to the contract, and on October 31, ten vehicles were still pending incorporation. The offer of specific vehicles for the provision of the service made by Urbaser was subject to evaluation, and was therefore decisive in the award.

For all these reasons, on November 29, the Local Government Board agreed to initiate a file for imposing penalties, whose proposal presented in plenary is first, to impose on Urbaser a daily penalty of 0,02 euros for every 1.000 euros of the price. of the contract, VAT excluded, which represents a daily penalty of €1.357, which will be applied until the delivery of all the vehicles and materials established in the contract with the company, reducing the amount resulting from the invoices to be paid monthly. . All this without prejudice to the evaluation of the impact that the lack of said material and vehicles produces on the provision of the contracted service, which may be the subject of a new compensation file for contractual breaches or, where appropriate, contractual resolution.

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  1. Miguel says:

    I think the imposition of the fine on Urbaser is very good and I hope that it helps some municipal technicians who, when people go to the city hall to report, may be right.

  2. Jopelin says:

    Delving into the previous comment, which is very right, I imagine that the more than €1000 daily penalty will be reflected with total transparency at the disposal of citizens and we will find out where they will go.
    I am sure of this, since we have a very progressive and transparent City Council.

  3. It says:

    I want to assume that the Municipal Corporation will deduct that amount from the Citizens in our garbage rates, in the end we are the ones who have suffered these deficiencies.
    Or is it too much to assume?
    I guess we will continue paying one of the highest rates in Spain for poor service and the money will go into the pockets of the usual people