Dénia becomes the filming set for the new director Luis E. Pérez

Dénia becomes the filming set for the new director Luis E. Pérez

12 September 2023 - 10: 31

During last weekend, the short film was filmed in Dénia Trolley, directed by Luis E. Pérez, produced by Admirable Films and TV ON Producciones and has the support of the IVC-GVA and the participation of À Punt Media. The Dianense director's new project is a story written with screenwriter Pilar Paredes that investigates genres such as horror, drama or suspense.

Trolley tells the story of Marina, a mother who works her butt off every day in endless work days and who knows that she has lost control of her son's education. Iker is an aspiring streamer who lives trapped in his room and seriously lacking in attention. One night, Iker decides to troll his mother, but what the young man doesn't know is that reactions to trolling can be unpredictable.

Trolley focuses its focus on the cruelty of childhood; in the desperation of parents not knowing how to deal with their children's new behaviors; in the inability to control the wildest and most primitive instincts; in the countercurrent of established morality; and in the spectators as witnesses and drivers of inhuman behavior.

The fourth short film by Luis E. Pérez stars the Valencian actress Cristina García, known for her participation in fiction series such as Autoindefinits, Maniacs o Ladies of the Underworld. Or in movies like The olive, by Icíar Bollaín, or You will wait, by Carles Alberola; and for the young promise Rubén Tonda, who has participated in two of the Dianense director's previous short films Menagerie y First days. In supporting roles, they have had the actress Amparo Ferrer Bàguena and the Dianense actors Raquel Martínez and Javier López.

The production will be completed next December, when it will begin its tour of international festivals. Trolley It has the collaboration of the Departments of Government, Dénia Film Office and Department of Tourism of the Dénia City Council, as well as the Super G supermarket, Bar El Convent and TRAM Ferrocarriles of the Generalitat Valenciana.

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  1. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Good Morning.
    Because of the title I thought it was about current politics in Spain and its misgovernment.
    Luckily I have continued reading and see that it addresses a very interesting topic.