Landscapes of Dénia against lowered blinds: the Commerce initiative to promote Paris Pedrera

Landscapes of Dénia against lowered blinds: the Commerce initiative to promote Paris Pedrera

January 26 from 2024 - 12: 53

The Paris Pedrera neighborhood of Dénia, where closed and empty stores reign due to the increasing closure of businesses in recent years, is looking for a new life thanks to the latest measure by the City Council, Local Actiu, which has turned the area into a gallery of outdoor photos.

The Councilor for Commerce, Economic Promotion and Occupation, María José García, announced in a press conference this Friday the initiative that Sandra Gertrudix, former head of the area, has already started, with which they aim to exhibit photographs of Dénia in the shop windows , "increase the visibility" of the 34% of premises in the neighborhood (one in three), according to data from the council, that no longer have economic activity.

The images, which already cover four stores and seven shop windows in the neighborhood, show places such as Les Rotes beach, Trampoli beach or the port and have been provided by the artist César Roa. In them, the telephone number of the real estate agency or private owner of the premises has been included so that those interested in renting it can contact them quickly.

In this sense, and with the intention of making the information more accessible, the posters also present a unit’s QR code which can be scanned with the mobile phone and directs the user to the neighborhood's commercial page where more information is available for those interested in renting said premises. However, García has stated that they hope more businesses will join the initiative. They think that soon there could be between 20 and 25 shop windows showing different beautiful images of the city, which are undeniably more attractive than a lowered blind.

Relive Paris Pedrera

"This has been done to increase the visibility of the empty premises, encourage their occupation and with the aim of improving the neighborhood," said the Councilor for Commerce and added that "Dénia is not only a center", but from the City Council "They also bet on other neighborhoods."

Sandra Gertrudix recalled that the project began in 2022 and the idea arose after studying the Paris Pedrera neighborhood and chatting with several merchants and ACADE with the aim of "beautifying the area." With this action and the already approved improvement of the neighborhood's sidewalks and trees, the aim is to revalue the neighborhood's streets, which in recent times are seeing their life fade away.

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  1. It says:

    If this is all the capacity of our “edilas” to liven up a neighborhood, let's get by.
    Beautiful photos that will soon turn ugly and yellow and provide little lighting to an already sad and dark street.

  2. Pau (FR) says:

    Just remember that all these commercial premises are privately owned with names and surnames.
    If they are not rented or sold, it may also be because their owners offer them at unrealistic prices, thinking that this is Calle Mayor in Valencia.
    Furthermore, the most "harmful" thing for traditional businesses are the large stores that today cover the entire consumer segment.
    And like the last thing, subsidizing large or small private businesses with public money has never gone very well.