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The D * NA is reinvented with a new location, date and claiming the prominence of the producers

November 07 from 2019 - 12: 32

This morning the new one, and never better said, has been presented at the Dénia City Council, D * NA Forum. Those in charge of making the new program public and presenting this third edition have been the mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, the event curator, Pep Romany, and the Tourism Secretary, Francesc Colomer.

The D * NA returns, and it does so in a completely renewed way but, as the mayor has commented, "staying true to its beginnings". Without a doubt, this gastronomic festival has been one of the biggest tourism projects that Dénia has carried out in recent years. A way to value the cuisine here, to call tourism more sustainable and seasonally, while helping to highlight the municipality as a Creative City of UNESCO.

After two editions that have helped them gain experience, they have now "seated" to face what they want the D * NA to be in the coming years. In the promotional video they have presented it is already clear: the commitment to sustainability, for the products here, more natural and far from packaging, and for returning the prominence to the farmers and ranchers, putting them at the level of the chefs.

In the latter Romany has insisted a lot, which ensures that the festival seeks to make people aware that behind a plate there is not only a cook, but endless people who work to give us the best products, so he asks to return to give value to the product here that, in addition to having higher quality than "tomatoes without flavor", offers us unique landscapes such as almond trees in bloom. "Are they more expensive? How much do you pay to the one who takes care of the garden? They take care of the garden of the region", declares Romany.

And the issue was from the region. In this new D*NA, now D*NA Fòrum, the debate will be important. Learning and knowing better what surrounds us. For this reason, they have distanced themselves from meditization to bet on what is here. For all that it offers Marina Alta working hand in hand with their producers to create discussion tables that replace the master classes of other years.

It also renews its headquarters, since this year it will be held at the CdT of Dénia, which the mayor has assured is ready after the damage left by DANA last September. However, the organization has bet heavily so that the Marineta Casiana, its old stage.

There is little left to enjoy this unique festival again. From November 25, and until 27, Dénia will once again become the gastronomic capital of the Valencian Community.

Check the full program of D * NA Fòrum 2019 here

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