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The sea expels more than 1.000 tons of posidonia on the beaches of Dénia

August 08 from 2023 - 13: 56

The storm of the last days in Dénia, which forced the red flag to be placed on the beaches from Les Devesses, l'Almadrava, Molins, les bovetes y the Rotates, has caused the accumulation of Posidonia in the sand. During the night, from midnight to eight in the morning, the cleaning services work to condition the nearly 20 kilometers of Deniera beach. In total, between August 4 and 7, 1.060 tons of Posidonia plant have been collected.

The team uses one front shovel, three trucks, one mixed shovel and two screeners each night to clean, comb and destone the sand. In addition, on Fridays there is a special mixed blade service for the Riu Girona and Les Rotes areas.

cleaning work on the beach

It works from south to north. These days we have worked on Marineta, Raset and Marines. Another extra day is scheduled for Friday at the mouth of the Girona river. Tonight we will continue from Bassetes to the north with two teams. Remember that since 2020, there is a mixed shovel service during July and August from Monday to Friday, as an improvement in the contract, which only included one shovel and two trucks to remove the Posidonia.

  1. alhiana says:

    What amazed me was the amount of cigarette butts that were lying in the sand, that it was impossible for the children to play with the bucket and shovel without constantly putting them away. Gross. How is it possible so much loose piggy.

  2. Ana Nogues Osca says:

    Our apartment is located at km 8,9 of the Carretera les Marines, we pay our taxes to the Dénia City Council, but the proximity to the km of beach that belongs to the Poblets, seems to leave us in Nobody's Land. In front of the Tresmall restaurant and up to the breakwater, a beautiful beach of fine sand has been created, which unfortunately is covered with huge mountains of Posidonia every year. The many residents of the area try to enjoy this little piece of paradise, but the posidonia always wins the battle, it is impossible to put our towel there, the smell is unbearable and entering the water is impossible, walking on it would be quite a feat, or a joke… Please make what you say in your article true and clean up our Beach. It would be necessary to invest a little more to get to everything, maintenance is necessary and it would really be appreciated... Thank you.

  3. Cristina says:

    I don't know what days the storm was, but I arrived in Denia on Saturday the 5th and indeed the beach was full of algae. It only lasted one day, the next day the cleaning service had already come to remove them. I am at km 7 of Las Marinas, I don't know how it must have been in other areas, but this is my testimony. On the other hand, practically every day in the summer months a cleaning truck passes by to clean the sand, I can confirm this because I have a house in Denia.

  4. Rudolf says:

    I am always very critical of this Town Hall, but this time it is different, gentlemen.
    Denia has almost 20km of unbeatable beaches (perhaps that is why you are all here and not in Xàbia with a small sandy area that has already been closed 4 times due to pollution or in Moraira that barely has a few meters of sand or in a tremendous Gandía or Cullera... almost like Benidorm)
    In the case of natural phenomena like this, it is not easy to clean up and solve overnight, removing more than 1.000 tons of algae with a large number of tourists along a long coastline is undoubtedly complicated.
    Possibly more efforts could be made, but the means and hours in summer are limited.
    I recommend a barefoot walk through the stranded posidonia, it really is relaxing and restorative, it restores the feet and the mind.
    A little patience and understanding gentlemen.
    Of course there are more beaches in Spain, even Madrid has one, you already know what to do if you don't know and recognize where you are and what you can enjoy.

    • paco says:

      Rudolf, the algae do not bother, what bother are the masses, the mountains of algae, the dirt, the state of abandonment, the algae are natural and obviously there will always be, the shameful thing is that huge amounts accumulate in addition to those of the recent storm There was already a lot of dirt and little management, now their faces drop in shame and they act at the end of the summer, when these services are paid for and are not fulfilled, that is the real problem. If collecting seaweed and cleaning gave money, the beach would be empty, for San Juan they did not let this tradition be celebrated, among other things because of the supposed dirt, now the beach is just as dirty and nobody forbids going to the beach, in short, the never-ending story ending, with a tambourine government is what we deserve.

  5. Jesus says:

    You just have to compare with other coastal towns and see the neglect that exists here.
    The first impression is what you see, just like full and smelly garbage cans

    • ana says:

      If only it were full, around the new fashionable and expensive garbage containers, it is full of garbage like a dump, as the containers are NOT functional, garbage accumulates around, outside the containers. Are these rulers very smart, truly some luminaries, they do everything wrong and there they continue to charge, are they or are they not luminaries?

    • Eva says:

      Bad afternoon and never! I don't know what this government does with the tax money.
      And then you can't drop the anchor, so as not to damage the posidonia, but there are no buoys either!

  6. Carlos says:

    Good morning,
    The beaches of Denia and any other beach are, as we all know, an attraction for tourism.
    Negligence and the lack of means to clean our coast put the competent authorities in check every season, even so they do not solve it and in the long run it will bring very serious consequences for tourism in general.

    • Luis says:

      Or not…they play with the illusion of the people and with the fact that most of them are dry land and have never seen a well-kept and maintained beach with first class services. Many Build "Luxury" Urbanizations and the beaches are abandoned low cost.

  7. Juanon says:

    Possibly I have spent more than 2300 euros in Denia, and honestly I don't think I'll return, it's a real shame, we all know more beaches in Spain, we all know that there are posidonia in thousands of them, which is not normal, it's mountains meters and meters of Posidonia dry rotting, with smells that reach the center of the city, and the best thing is that you get closer to Jávea and there are its perfect beaches, you get closer to Moraira and the same, in Gandía too… everyone will know how they take care of their home.


    A shame that is repeated every year. The council could see the level of cleanliness and urbanization of Javea, Moraira and the entire environment, with far fewer holidaymakers than Denia.
    It seems that it "happens" to those of us who are not voters, although we pay taxes in Drnia for services that we do not receive.
    It is pitiful for the image of Denia.

  9. Pablo says:

    Not a critical note in the article. The state of the beaches is REGRETABLE and whoever says otherwise is that he does not want to see reality. An insult to the thousands of families who decide to spend the summer here.

  10. Monica says:

    Well, I don't have the feeling that they have come to clean up the dead algae. We are not talking about all the algae on the beach being washed away, but the accumulated mountains of dead algae... it is sad to see the shore.

  11. David says:

    In my opinion, the city council's response is not adequate. The state of the beaches is truly unfortunate. This is not a criticism of who is or has been working to clean up the beaches, but to emphasize that the measures that have been taken so far do not solve the problem that is evident. I am also a supporter of respecting nature but there is a limit and we must not hide under the environmental banner. Whoever decides to spend thousands of euros to spend the summer here, as what they live all year long, deserves more.

    • Eva says:

      Bad afternoon and never! I don't know what this government does with the tax money.
      And then you can't drop the anchor, so as not to damage the posidonia, but there are no buoys either!

  12. Pau (FR) says:

    You want to complain about everything.
    There has been a small storm and the waves have brought dead marine vegetation.
    What a drama.
    Pick up and that's it.
    These are natural beaches, plants and algae grow in the sea and that's what it is.
    Banks of dead Posidonia on the beaches brought by the sea day after day, protect it from the loss of sand, it is a natural protection.
    Or is it normal to come with trailers of sand to "fill"? right not?
    Our beaches have pebbles, cloques and also remains of marine plants, they have always been there for thousands and thousands of years and we hope they will continue to be there because marine life, including plants, certify the cleanliness and life of our sea.
    If you want a beach without stones, without shells, without remains of any kind with clean and sifted sand, this is not your place.

    • paco says:

      It shows that you do not pay taxes for non-existent cleaning, or perhaps you like to pay for not having a service that you have paid for. It hasn't been cleaned for months, I suppose it was already of such a magnitude that they would drop their faces in shame if the truck didn't pass after the storm. Of course, if I pay for a service with my taxes, I demand that it be fulfilled, I don't know about you. But every day, not once in a while.

      • Roy says:

        Well said it's about time these eco warriors joined the real world – who wants to go to a beach covered in this shit l pay my taxes like you but beach cleaning doesn't appear to be in the budget Let's have picture of Grimalt and his mates knee deep in posidonia to promote tourists to Denia!!!

    • pgf says:

      Well done!
      A bit of good sense was missing.

    • Pere says:

      Let's see Pau, if you like natural shit, welcome to the beaches of Dénia. This is your site.

  13. paco says:

    I know of someone who could promote it in their dishes and culinary deconstructions, and promote it as a source of veggie and eco-sustainable nutrition, actually I think they will do it soon, maybe in the next dna