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The commercial potential of Ondara is evident in the XXXIII Trade Fair and Trade Fair

November 20 from 2018 - 06: 45

Ondara has lived this weekend celebrating the XXXIII Trade Fair and TradeWithin the Fira d'Ondara 2018, organized by the Department of Tourism and Economic Promotion of Ondara. The Amusement Fair and the Gastronomic Fair have also continued. The Medieval Market was finally postponed due to weather forecasts, and will be held on the 1 and 2 weekend in December.

The Mayor of Ondara and responsible for Economic Promotion and Trade, José Ramiro; members of the municipal corporation and representatives of local associations, opened on Saturday the XXXIII Fair of Samples and Purchases, visiting the stands mounted by the exhibitors in the Prado. José Ramiro, stated that the Fair "It is a sample of the commercial potential that Ondara has" and appreciated the presence of all the businesses that have participated in the Fair of Samples and Purchases, showing "the quality of the exhibitors, the effort they have made and the innovations they have shown".

He indicated that the fair has been able to enjoy all the news and services of companies of Ondara and the region, and added, in terms of participation, that the same businesses had found on Saturday morning that had seen an increase of participation. The weather finally allowed the celebration of the event with normality and there were many visitors throughout the weekend.

On the other hand, Ramiro took the opportunity to highlight the new initiative launched by the Department of Economic Promotion and coincides with the celebration of the Fira de Compres; the project Actius Locals with which it is intended to promote the commercial activity and to value the closed premises, in Av. Doctor Fleming: "One of the pending campaigns was to revitalize commercial areas, and it has been coincided with the November Fira; what is done is to upgrade those areas and also makes the same premises more leasable".

The Prado building successfully hosted the Fair of Samples and Purchases at the weekend, which was attended by around thirty exhibitors, 25 being local (many ACO associates), and some local. This trade show served to let Ondara's merchants give out their stocks, offer attractive offers to customers, and present their novelties in terms of products and services. The public responded satisfactorily to these proposals throughout the weekend.

The companies and shops that participated were the following: JFM, Màxima Bikes, Monverd, Car market, Butchery Alberto Picó, Luansa, Mobles Ortolá, Motos Mahiques, Gala's, Passicos, Calçats Dora, Mobles Escrivá, Autoescola Ondara, Month of a thousand trips, Kobold, Aitana's attic - Coco kids, Mobles Escrivá, Aquarica, Gowear, Coqueta Moda Infantil, Levante Ondara Clinic, La Marina Nuts, Vinalia Vinotecas, Maika Regals, Yorkis, Center Estètica Sultana, Zinq Consultors, Coletas, Comersintec, Tomás - painting treballs, Iobi, and Mis maderitas. The 2019 Solitude Commission was also present at the fair, with its sweet and savory stall installed outside the Prado.

In addition, this weekend continued the fair of attractions, and the food fair in the 9 own participating establishments (Bar Plaça de Bous, Coffee Bar Sendra, Il Fratelli La Nonna, Bar Rte La Parada (Euro), Rte Valero, Hotel Ramis , Tasta'm, Rte Taurino, Bar La Xata, Bar la Andaluza, Lo de Salvador and Pizzeria Rabbit), which were connected by a "trenet".

Ondara is now preparing for its third weekend of the Fair (24 and 25 in November), in which the protagonist will fall in the Matinal Motera, the Gastronomic Tasting in the Prado, the Concentració de Vehicles Clàssics, the Fira d'Atraccions and the Fira Gastronòmica.

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