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Great success of the Dénia Autumn Consumption Bonus: 343.000 euros have been invested in participating businesses

20 October 2023 - 12: 15

The Dénia City Council, through the Department of Commerce, together with Creama Dénia, launched a new edition of the consumption bonus campaign, the autumn campaign, which began on Wednesday, September 27 and ended last Monday, October 16.

The initiative has had the support of 106 establishments in Dénia. Citizens have spent 134.700 euros. The value of the bonuses downloaded and not redeemed has been for an amount of 5.530 euros, the amount of the bonuses that people downloaded, but did not redeem, will be added to the budget of the next consumer bonus campaigns.

The total expenditure in the shops of Dénia has been 343.422 euros. Citizens have made a greater number of purchases in the following sectors, from highest to lowest volume of spending:

  • Fashion
  • Health, beauty and well-being
  • Technology, computing, electronics and household appliances
  • Footwear, bags and accessories
  • Leisure and sport
  • Driving Schools
  • Home and decoration
  • Others
  • Food

This autumn edition of the consumer bonus campaign has been financed by the Alicante Provincial Council and has had a budget of 140.230 euros.

1 Comment
  1. Alba says:

    With public money, the poor pay for the purchases of the rich. To give the money to businessmen, private companies.

    What a way to make everyone's money money for the rich