The lack of Urbaser personnel forces Dénia cleaning service employees to work after hours

The lack of Urbaser personnel forces Dénia cleaning service employees to work after hours

05 June 2024 - 15: 21

The Urbaser works committee, the contractor in charge of cleaning and collecting solid waste in Dénia, has denounced the lack of staff and other problems that negatively affect the service, after not being able to meet today with the mayor, who they claim did not attend to the scheduled appointment, which the City Council has been quick to deny.

According to the statement issued by the works council and its president, Ángel Moreno, this alleged absence demonstrates "a lack of consideration" towards both the workers and the citizens of Dénia. Moreno regrets that the committee members have "wasted the entire morning" waiting for the mayor to discuss "serious and urgent problems" affecting the city's cleaning service.

The works council, he claims, had requested this meeting after not receiving a response to the concerns raised in a previous meeting with the cleaning councilor and the finance councilor in October last year. Given the lack of solutions, they decided to take their concerns directly to the mayor, who, they insist, did not attend the scheduled meeting.

However, according to the Dénia City Council, these events are very far from reality. The council points out that several representatives mistakenly attended thinking that the meeting was scheduled for that day, when in reality the meeting was agreed for next week. Those who showed up were informed, they say, that the mayor is not available since he was meeting with several members of the corporation and the general director of Management of the Health System of the Ministry of Social Services, Equality and Habitatge.

Complaints from the works council

Among the committee's main complaints is insufficient staffing, which forces workers to work more hours than allowed by the agreement, without being able to compensate for these hours precisely due to the lack of staff. In addition, they point out that the new trucks are not suitable for the proper functioning of the service, while the old ones, with more than 20 years of use, represent a risk to the physical integrity of the workers due to their poor condition.

They also denounce the existence of machinery acquired two years ago, such as manual sweepers, motorcycles and tricycles for collecting dog excrement, which is not used due to lack of personnel, resulting in unused expenditure.

These deficiencies, according to the committee, have a direct impact on the quality of the cleaning and waste collection service provided to citizens. The statement emphasizes that the deficiencies are not due to the lack of professionalism of Urbaser workers, but to the structural problems of the service that they wanted to convey to the mayor.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Let the truck return from watering the streets.
    What times when they did it at night.
    Denia has to be dark again.
    The guy with the black ponytail who lives in the castle, etc.
    Now that his wife is here, we'll see.
    They have to argue again.

  2. Omniway says:

    Despite having raised the price of garbage by 12% and having all that extra budget, these things happen.
    Purchased machinery that is not used, staff complaining about the lack of help and purchased trucks that do not work.
    That is where you see the efficiency of those who run that company and those who should supervise it.
    I think that this deserves a new tender for the cleaning service.

    • Jopelin says:

      A new tender for the cleaning service or sudden resignation of the councilor or City Council in full charge of carrying out this contract.