The third stage of the Vuelta Ciclista de la Comunitat Valenciana will take place in Dénia with massive participation

February 06 from 2024 - 15: 26

Alderman of Sports, Valen Alcala, and the president of the Club Unió Ciclista Montgó, Elisabet Crespo, have presented in a press conference what the third stage of the Vuelta Ciclista de la Comunitat Valenciana will be like, which will be held in Dénia on February 18. This is the first time that the city is both a departure and arrival point.

The stage, which will follow the first two held in Almenara, will be 89 km and will have a departure time of 10:00 from Marqués de Campo (at the height of Tasca Eulalia). The exit will be neutralized until the Camí de Gandia, as indicated by Crespo. The route will be towards Orba, first going up to Portet de Orba; They will continue through Murla; Then they will head to Pla de Petracos; Next, they will pass through Vall d'Ebo, Alt de Sagra and return to Dénia.

The return will no longer be neutralized and the finish line will be located at the same starting point, with an arrival at approximately 12:20. The podium, however, will be found on Carrer de la Via.

In addition, they have highlighted the level of participation, since, as the president of the club explains, about 200 people will be present at the race. Alcalà added that the registration website was even saturated.

"We are happy to bet on initiatives that make Dénia a territory to host competitions," said the councilor, who highlighted "the relevance of the city on the state and Valencian cycling map", since a month ago Dénia hosted the Vuelta Navy cyclist and a few months ago the Vuelta Ciclista de España also passed through the area.

The categories of the Vuelta are framed in professional teams, masters and S-23. "The S-23 category offers the opportunity for amateurs to develop," said Alcalà. Regarding the jerseys, the president has commented that there will be five types: leader of flying goals, best cyclist in the Valencian Community, leader of the best S-23, leader of the mountain prize and leader of the general classification.

"The city is a benchmark," concluded the councilor, who added that "cycling is very important in the region and Dénia cannot be left behind." In addition, he has encouraged all lovers of this sport to participate.

  1. Fortuna says:

    «Elle»» we certainly do not have to lose our sense of humor and irony with these «our rulers»

    • It says:

      To die of laughter Fortuna…. NOW THEY CANCEL THE STAGE!
      Thanks to the shortage of members of the Civil Guard we can have a day of tranquility, without dangerous bicycles throughout Denia.

  2. It says:

    But hadn't the Mayor banned bicycles in Marqués de Campo?
    It will be a strategy to fine them all, for sure, and twice, at the start and at the finish!