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The images of the pilot's return to the streets of Dénia

08 October 2023 - 20: 24

It has taken more than five years to see a pilot game on the streets of Dénia again. Specifically, it has not happened since 2017. However, for this October 9th celebration it has been decided to return the quintessential Valencian sport to the city, in order to bring it closer to the people.

This Sunday, l'Esculera street, in the heart of Baix la Mar, was the scene of the three games of raspall organized by the Department of Sports of Dénia for what they called Dia de la Pilota, on the eve of the October 9. Since 09:00 there have been many neighbors who have come to the place to see a game again to the carrer.

The first two games pitted youngest and youth pilots from the Dénia Pilot School. But the main course took place at 11:00, pitting Àlex, Tomaca and Flare against Jordi, Néstor and Kiko.

The fans of the pilot are in luck, as the good reception will undoubtedly encourage them to bet on new editions, returning Valencian sport to the neighborhoods.

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