LUAR, jewelry author

LUAR, jewelry author

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LUAR, signature jewelry is a contemporary style jewelry store in Dénia that relies on 925 sterling silver pieces, handcrafted by designers who master goldsmithing and jewelry techniques, achieving great design and exclusivity. Rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles... Although sterling silver jewelry is the main pieces, they also have silver jewelry fused with paper, wood, jet and gold plating, always created by hand. An overflow of originality and quality, which reaches different audiences and satisfies different tastes for jewelry.

In each collection there are different sizes, sizes and closure finishes, to fully satisfy customers and offer them the flexibility of being able to vary the piece according to their needs.

For LUAR, innovative, original and different design from traditional jewelry is of great importance. The price of their jewels differentiates them and makes them very competitive, accessible to the public, since in this sector signature jewels tend to have exorbitant prices. LUAR ensures that a jewel with an exclusive character reaches a wider audience. In addition, you will find close attention, of maximum willingness to help you so that it is easy and pleasant for you to decide on a jewel. They preserve the personal treatment of the small street shop, away from the large franchises. For all this, they are distinguished with the SICTED seal, a commitment to tourist quality.

The objective of LUAR is to bring the current and contemporary design of silver jewelry to all audiences and promote the crafts of our country, both in the physical store in Dénia and through its store online.

Accessories and accessories

In LUAR they have incorporated accessories and summer clothes with a Mediterranean style, betting on the Ibizan style and boho chic how much identifies this area. And they give value to Valencian handicrafts both in hats, bags or hand-painted fans.


Calle Marqués de Campo 66, ground floor 2 -
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