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«Manifesto of November 4»

November 08 from 2023 - 13: 20

Association for the Defense of Beaches North of Dénia

As you all know, homeowners on the Spanish coast have been seeing their constitutional rights violated for more than 20 years and even more so for the last 4 years. This is due to an unjust Coastal Law and its deeply unjust regulations and we cannot in any way tolerate it being the State itself that robs us. This would be giving in to a totalitarian and despotic State, it would be the end of the rule of law. The State must understand that the Law was made for the people and not the people for the Law. The current Coastal Law of 1988, deeply unjust, must be repealed.

We are defending justice, legal security, the right to private property, in short, all those long-awaited values ​​that give dignity to human beings and part of these obligations is precisely to defend these basic principles of justice and legal security. At the moment, the greatest enemy of democracy is the State itself in recent years, due to the mistreatment to which it is subjecting a large number of honest and hard-working citizens, from whom it wants to confiscate their homes, properties, only in Dénia are they going to Some 3617 homes will be affected and of them 135 confiscated and must be demolished by the 1988 coastal law and its latest regulation of August 3, 2022, even more confiscating and others because they are outside urban planning.

Without a doubt, the audacity with which the State is acting is such that the only reasonable solution that restores the lost trust in the State is for the responsibilities for the great material and psychological damage caused to so many citizens to be clearly resolved. restore the correct functioning of the public service and institutions.

All the residents of Dénia are very concerned since the demarcation means, in many cases, the loss of ownership of our homes, of our homes legally constituted and built over more than 100 years, paying taxes and complying with the law.

In this sense, the State, through the General Directorate of Coasts, acts more like an organized confiscatory group, exchanging the ownership of the legitimate homes for concessions, that is, stripping the property of these from their legitimate owners, paid with a lot of money. effort and sweat. Needless to say, the immense damage that this is causing to a basic principle of a modern and advanced society, such as legal security, which in this case is shattered and destroyed through this scandalous theft of the properties of a large number of Spanish citizens. and foreigners. And on top of that, with the shameful animosity of trying to blame the neighbors for a problem that they have not generated. I want to highlight that in Deveses beach The regeneration of the beach is being carried out, providing 650.000 m3 of sand, but before seeing this regeneration completed (which will generate more than 50m of beach) the demarcation has been carried out to strip the owners of their legitimate properties. .

Furthermore, in the case of Les Deveses, the non-completion of the Regeneration project financed by the European Union that left the breakwater south of Les Deveses unfinished. At Marines Beach, a very significant erosion of the coast occurred when the North breakwater of the port of Dénia was extended. To alleviate this fact, breakwaters were built perpendicular to the coast. They were then removed in order to place breakwaters parallel to the coast. Six breakwaters were to be placed, but only one was placed, which gave very good results, but the remaining 6 were not built, leaving the coast completely unprotected. The result is that beaches of more than 5 m have gone from their total disappearance.

And not only that, homes with deeds, registered in the property registry and once belonging to an urban plan. Now many residents are scandalized when the city council presents a new urban plan that excludes them, as if they were illegal in the new urban plan, thus facilitating their confiscation and demolition. This is not worrying about the neighbors or defending the interests of the neighbors, homes that have been built for many years should be in the urban plan, but that is caring about the neighbors, in the vote there has been a trust that has not been reciprocated.

The causes of the regression that the beaches have suffered are not ours: the lack of sediment arrival.... if not by the State, for not applying the object of the 1988 coastal law in its article 2, point a, which is to ensure its integrity, adopting protective measures, and necessary restorations and, when appropriate, adaptation.... for the beaches, not to confiscate homes.

From Dénia beaches we encourage all of you without exception to participate in this battle. Think that the battle is going to be hard and long, but we are not alone, we are part of a large platform called SOMOSMEDITERRANEA made up of more than 50 associations from the Mediterranean coast and even from the north of Spain.

We are all honest and hard-working citizens who long for a quiet and peaceful life. We must always be prepared to fight to defend a system of life based on freedom and justice. It has taken a lot of effort for part of the world to live in systems where freedom and human dignity are respected, and maintaining these values ​​is something worth fighting for, as it is the only system worth living in.

Confiscating is not the solution, we want our houses.

1 Comment
  1. Pau (FR) says:

    No statement can be taken seriously if it tells only half the truth or omits with clear intention half of the facts, even more so when referring to the Laws.
    He speaks with ease about "all of Denia", taking the liberty of being the voice of everyone, since that is not the case either.
    Some of us respect the Laws no matter how unfair they may seem to us, but in this case it is evident that what comes first is mine, and then the Laws for others.
    The Article/communication several times highlights "the unjust" Coastal Law of 1988.
    This, to be exact, has been approved by the government of Felipe González in the central government and socialist party in the Valencian Community.
    However, with astonishing ease and silence he omits the reform of the same and the BOE of 2013, governing the Popular Party with Mariano Rajoy at the helm, and in the Valencian Community again governing the Popular Party with Alberto Fabra at the time replacing Eduardo Zaplana. ..oops.
    Nor does it mention the compensation that has been offered to the affected neighbors by the previous executive of the Comunidas Valenciana in the form of other land and which they have rejected.
    Repeating half-truths will never become absolute truths.