16 July 2015 - 23: 15

With the recognition Blue flag, Les Bovetes de Dénia beach is one of the largest and most visited on the Dianense coast. It is a sandy beach that has an approximate length of 1.800 meters and is accessible for people with different abilities.

Rescuers in Les Bovetes

Among the services offered by this beach is police surveillance, lifeguard, buoying safety for swimmers, channel entry and exit of boats and a point handicap accessibility.


Red Cross volunteers manage accessibility for people with disabilities on the beach in Les Bovetes. They have amphibious chairs that allow access to water, as well as special crutches to walk along the sand. This service is free for users.

Accessibility to the beaches of Dénia

Beach activities Les Bovetes

This beach has sports facilities for playing volleyball and soccer, plus skate rental, beach bar and rental of hammocks and parasols.

Bathers on the beach Les Bovetes

As noted above, from this beach boats can access the sea through the channel and out of boats.

Surveillance Beach

Besides having a watchtower, Les Bovetes beach has a lifeguard managed by Red Cross staff is available to swimmers for help and support if necessary.

Beach Restaurants Les Bovetes

Beach hotels in Les Bovetes


The beach area of ​​Les Bovetes has different access roads where vehicles can be parked. However, being a popular beach area in the summer months, it is recommended to go early to avoid parking problems, because there is no private parking nearby.


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  1. Cristina Garcia Mallo placeholder image says:

    Good afternoon, we have just come from the beach of les bovetes with the sole purpose of bathing a disabled person with your car.

    Upon arrival we have been informed that we had to reserve a time slot so that the car would be left for us. We have ordered 15:XNUMX. From eleven o'clock until that hour only one service and the boy burning up because they have not let him put himself in the shade.
    When the time has come in the absence of 5 minutes they have raised the yellow flag being that there was no wind blowing.We are a shame, paying 5 salaries so that they are relaxing in the shade, for a lot of security measures of coronaviruses that have, in 5 hours have not come out of the shade.Q use that money from wages in something else.