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Bathing is prohibited on 10 Dénia beaches

August 28 from 2023 - 12: 20

The maritime storm this Monday has caused bathers to be unable to enjoy the sea. Once again, the red flag flies in the beaches from Denia. On this occasion, and due to the bad maritime conditions, bathing has been prohibited on the vast majority of Dianense beaches.

Specifically, the red flag has been raised on 10 of the 12 beaches that the town has, except for the one on the Punta del Raset y Marineta Cassiana, where the flag is yellow, so the lifeguards warn that bathing be done with caution.

  1. Carmelo says:

    Let's see if we speak properly, they are not algae but posidonia which is a plant, although it also disfigures the beaches.

  2. Araceli says:

    Denia is synonymous with little cleaning of the beaches and the disorderly growth of ugly urbanizations, a shame for its inhabitants and the public managers for whom they vote, and an example of what not to do.

  3. fco xavier says:

    Shameful about Denia, the third day of beaches full of rotten algae that emit a nauseating smell. And we are still in August.

  4. Anika says:

    It's cool, right now I'm here
    What a way to exaggerate everything.

    • kikaflores says:

      You have not known Denia for years. You cannot give an opinion without knowing how they have destroyed it.
      Denia, now, is a dirty, ruined city, and with little receptivity towards the educated tourist.
      It is overcrowded with rude and stressed people who leave no money, only garbage.
      It was a paradise, and it has become a dirty town. The residents of Denia are demoralized.
      Perhaps it would be interesting to give an objective opinion, knowing what Denia was, and what has come with these progressive governments.

  5. freedom towers says:

    What they should have done is clean up the amount of algae that was on the shore of the beach,
    embarrassing. Even though it was August 28...even if bathing was prohibited, you could walk, sunbathe, etc...
    PS: I was on the yellow flag beach. 28/08/2023

  6. Ximo Alcubies says:

    They want to scare everything, especially with hyperbolic words and bombastic headlines. The fearful and intimidated society happy in the hands of the state system that fleeces you, watches over you, controls you with security and protection trolls. We are happy covering your mouths and we are stupendous rebels out of nowhere, moved by emotions and not reflections.

    • JCSP says:

      If with a quarter of a thousand deaths this year and 12% more, it does not seem appropriate to close the bathroom on a dangerous day, it is to make you look at it.
      What a landscape and what a landscape...

      • JMU says:

        The problem is that if the north of Spain or Galicia followed the same criteria as here, there would be a Red flag every day of the year. Here as soon as there are 4 waves we already know what happens. It is totally unfortunate and for those of us who have worked in rescue on the Cantabrian or Atlantic beaches, it never ceases to amaze us.

  7. paco says:

    How temporary, today I took my first bath of the year and everything was great. How exaggerated.

    When I was little I used to go to them carefully even in the middle of the storm. It was very funny.

    Today politicians act like an overprotective father, but not for the good of his son. In this case for their own interests. Here prevails the death of the dog, the rabies is over. For four drops "to close" the beaches. Anyway.