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Bathing is prohibited on almost all the beaches of Dénia

August 04 from 2023 - 11: 12

The sea storm has forced the red flag to be hoisted again on the Dénia coast. However, this time it affects the majority of beaches, so few remain that still allow bathing.

The beaches affected by the ban are Les Deveses, L'Almadrava, Punta Els Molins, The Bovetes y Les Rotes. At the moment, only the beach of Marines, Punta del Raset and Marineta Cassiana, although this could change throughout the day.

The red flag is motivated by the strong storm that could endanger the integrity of those who enter the water. Bathing should be avoided at all costs while these conditions last.

  1. Mike Voice says:

    We were there this morning, unfortunately it looks like a beach party was held last night, there was rubbish strewn all around. Some people don't deserve to have nice beaches.
    A couple of workmen came along in a buggy and did a reasonable job of cleaning up.

  2. Roberto says:

    Totally agree, Dénia does not spend a euro on the maintenance of its beaches, each day more neglected and in worse condition

  3. David says:

    To this day, the state of the olaya de les marines is lamentable. Due to the amount of marine debris on the shores, it is almost impossible to clean up calmly and what is worse, children cannot play on the beach. You can't see anyone working to improve the situation. A shame considering the thousands of families who decide to risk their summer here.