This will be the new cleaning document for the beaches of Dénia: 11 million euros for a 10-year contract

This will be the new cleaning document for the beaches of Dénia: 11 million euros for a 10-year contract

January 12 from 2024 - 10: 07

The new specifications for the tender for the cleaning and maintenance service of Dénia beaches is ready and will be approved in an extraordinary plenary session next Monday, January 15. The most notable improvements include a notable increase in the tender price, rising from €8 million (2013 contract) to €11 million (for a 10-year award). In addition, the construction of a posidonia treatment plant and a warehouse for the service machinery, located in the Estanyó Nord area, on Llac Maracaibo street, is established as an obligation for the new company.

The Councilor for Beaches, Pepe Doménech, detailed the aspects of the new contract today at a press conference, which could be awarded within approximately 4 months. Doménech recalled that the expense allocated to the maintenance of the beaches is included in the collection of the urban cleaning fee tax, "which we are not going to increase, although the new contract represents a significant increase in the resources allocated to the cleaning of our beaches ».

Regarding the posidonia treatment plant and the material warehouse, valued at 863.000 euros plus VAT, they will be divided into different areas according to the tasks carried out: an area for separating waste by fractions and another for separating sand from the remains. of posidonia, allowing the coast to be regenerated with the first, which will be returned to the beaches, and to use the posidonia for various purposes (livestock and agriculture, dune regeneration, natural barrier against coastal erosion, among others).

Another significant change is the extension of the high season by fifteen days, which will begin on June 1 (until September 30), thus activating the intensive beach cleaning service earlier.

The machinery that the winning company must have in operation and renewed within a maximum period of 6 months from the signing of the contract is also increased. The new acquisitions required are a second front loader and a third 6×6 truck; In terms of human resources, two more workers will be assigned for maintenance tasks in the low season (from October 15 to February 28).

This update of the service could also be increased through improvements that companies present in their projects to increase the score in the proposal evaluation phase: reinforcement personnel to attend to the Biblioplayas and extra days for operators for specific needs; a screener for the new plant; a sandblaster for the access streets to the beaches; supply of 30 new bins annually; or the inclusion in the service of plumbing work and material for the maintenance of the footbaths.

Once the Plenary approves the new specifications, the service will go out to tender and interested companies will be able to present their offers for one month.

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  1. Jose Antonio says:

    Let them dedicate themselves solely to cleaning the posidonia sand.
    The smells and dirt have been spectacular this past summer.
    Unjustifiable for a city that wants to be a tourist reference.