How to request aid from Dénia to acquire school supplies and who can request them

15 September 2023 - 13: 40

The Dénia City Council has announced the call for aid aimed at covering the costs of acquiring textbooks and school supplies for the second cycle of early childhood education (from 3 to 5 years old) during the 2023/2024 school year. The bases and the call for these aid were published on September 4 in the Official Gazette of the Province. The application submission period will be open from October 19 to November 2, 2023.

This subsidy will have a maximum budget of 20.000 euros in the General Budget of the Dénia City Council for the year 2023. €30 will be awarded to each student who has obtained between 7 and 18 points in the school cafeteria aid rating for the course 2023/2024 of the Department of Education.

Parents or legal guardians of students who meet the following requirements may apply for and benefit from the subsidies:

  • Be registered in the municipality of Dénia.
  • Be enrolled in the public and subsidized educational centers of Dénia, La Xara and Jesús Pobre at the levels of the second cycle of early childhood education in the 2023/2024 academic year.
  • Have requested school cafeteria aid 2023/2024 from the Conselleria d'Educació and have obtained a score between 7 and 18 points in the scale.
  • Each family will use a single application for all sons and daughters enrolled in the educational stage covered by this subsidy.
  • Present proof of payment for the purchase of textbooks or school supplies, the amount of which may not be less than 30 euros, stating the name of the minor for whom the subsidy is requested, as well as the center and course of the second cycle of early childhood education in which he is enrolled.

How to apply for the grants

The application form can be downloaded at Electronic Headquarters of the Dénia City Council or pick up in person at the Education Department (Plaza del Archduke Carlos, nº 3).

The presentation of the applications and the documentation required according to the rules can be done, from October 19 to November 2, electronically through the Electronic Headquarters of the Dénia City Council, or in person at the Customer Service Office. to the Citizen (OAC) located at Plaza de la Constitución, 10, prior appointment made through this link.

  1. Enough ya says:

    Bureaucratic paperwork, waste of time that no one will invest for €30 shit out of a total of 20.000 miserable euros, compared to the money invested in tourism, the city council makes it clear that it turns its back on public education.

  2. It says:

    €30 per child up to €20
    And with the D*na 250 thousand
    This is the support of progress for the education of a people.
    A shame

  3. Pau (FR) says:

    Crumbs, because they have already eliminated more than half of the children (point system) who deserve help with school supplies.
    Meanwhile, the Schools and Institutes are demanding payments from families for "school supplies", something that is absolutely contrary to the law.
    Although I remember it is Decree 40/2016 that specifies it perfectly.
    But families pay because they believe it is normal, when this enriches the coffers of public schools and institutes that are not accountable for this money contributed.
    The Department and Counseling have already announced controls several times, but it remained only in words.

  4. Ana says:

    The city council distributing the leftovers