The play "Conquistadores" arrives in Dénia

Event Date: 14 January 2023
Event type: Theater
Site: Social Center
Schedule: 20: 00
Home: €10
Event finished

On Saturday, January 14, at the Social Center, the performance of the play "Conquistadores" will take place, directed by Pedro Luis López Bellot and written by JJ Cañamero. This was nominated for the MAX Awards for Best Breakthrough Show and Best Breakthrough Authorship.

With a Victorian flag and two sticks for multiple imaginary uses (the boat, the oars, the cross and the weapons), three excellent actors in diction and movements, Chema Pizarro, Nuqui Fernández and Franciso J. Quirós, build a masterful and fun parody of the conquest of America.

Conquistadores is an exciting show with a daring staging, with which they play to discover the Pacific with Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Tenochtitlán with Hernán Cortés, the hardships suffered by the Thirteen of Fame with Pizarro or, to find water, in the Atacama desert by the hand of Inés Suárez among other historical events.

A work with an incessant rhythm, which has a large number of funny and visual gags. Absurd theater with a contemporary aesthetic with which we manage to laugh at our miseries.

The play, performed in Spanish, will begin at 20:00 p.m. The input for the function Conquerors in Dénia, with a cost of 10 euros, can be purchased in advance at the link.

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