Vindicating the poets to celebrate the 8M in the Classrooms of the Third Age of Dénia

08 March 2022 - 15: 23

Students of the theater workshop of the Classrooms for the Third Age yesterday organized the poetic show “La dona poeta. Dona'm un vers” to celebrate International Women's Day.

On the stage of the Social Center, Piedad Solá, Antonio Ballesteros, Julia San Juan, Pepa Palonés, Isi Merino, Rosa del Cabo, María Ángeles Blanco, Eusebia Fernández and María Dolores Magro, under the direction of Eva Díez Guerra and Juan Luis López Escar , recited poems by Gloria Fuertes, Rosalía de Castro, Gabriela Mistral, Rosa Roffiel, Alfonsina Storni, María Ibars, Carmen Cantos and Isa García, accompanied by a group of students from the dance workshop directed by Patricia de Juan and while a video was projected with works by the students of the Painting Classroom.

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