A legacy that lasts: they donate 300 documents that could help in the study of the history of Dénia

A legacy that lasts: they donate 300 documents that could help in the study of the history of Dénia

May 19 from 2023 - 12: 27

José Martí Gramaje made yesterday, May 18, the donation to the Municipal Archive of a collection of more than 300 documents from the disappeared Paradero de las Rotas hotel. According to the Archive team, these are "documents of great interest that inform us about its inauguration in the summer of 1951 and the activities of the premises until the end of the XNUMXs."

The documentation came into the hands of José Martí when he acquired the building. He found the documents that the Doménech family, original owners of the hotel, were in charge of preserving in folders inside a suitcase and arranged in drawers, which prevented the dispersion and loss of the copies. Martí decided to keep them, reserving a special space for them.

Once the pertinent cleaning and organization work has been carried out, the documents have been made available to the public in eight boxes located in the municipal building in Plaza Enric Valor. Among the pages you can find information about customers (letters, reservation planning and order list) and suppliers (letters and advertising), accounting (cash books from 1951 to 1964 and invoices), personnel regulations, various forms and forms , among others.

The Archive encourages citizens to keep and donate documents, both personal and work, as they can be of great help in studying the history of the city. The Archive team will be in charge of evaluating the documents.

The whereabouts of the broken hotel

The Doménech business opened its doors in an area of ​​Las Rotas very different from the current one; without establishments, with little access, scattered country houses and the arrival of the first vacationers. This pioneering service was inaugurated with the name of Parador, but in the mid-fifties, with the prohibition of the use of that name for the creation of the network of hostels of the Ministry of Tourism, it had to change to Paradero.

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  1. Arthur says:

    I agree with all the comments

  2. Caesar says:

    Hello .
    Possibly, once analyzed, all those who do not have "a political interest" will be eliminated, for the party that deals with it. More clear: At this time it is the PSOE, then it will keep and display what they consider "anti-Franco" and if they were the constitutionalist parties, everything that was "Chequista".
    I hope there is nothing relevant, because if there had been, use would have been made of it.
    Now, if they want and without further control, they could always say that... and that they have discovered... such and such.
    Such news is not an authentic ROMAN or ARAB RUIN in a position to be considered as such, one more as so many rubble are being discovered and that are only valid to bother stopping the construction and harming the citizenry.
    Forgive the comparison, but they can't take advantage of those papers if they see interest, more. THAN TRYING TO ALTER THE NORMALITY with ¨papers for the smoke.


  3. Pink says:

    They can be seen in the municipal building in Plaza Enric Valor. ??

  4. Luis says:

    And what are they going to do with them? Put them in the basements of the Town Hall to rot?