The Fallera Local Board responds to París Pedrera and regrets the "unfortunate accusations"

24 March 2023 - 19: 00

La Local Board Fallera has responded by means of another communiqué to the one released this morning by the Paris Falla Pedrera. The letter refers to the incident that took place during the night of March 14 to 15, during the planting of the monument, in which the Local Police had to stop the assembly due to complaints from a neighbor.

Below is the complete statement of the Dianense fallera entity:

Davant the communication emès these events for the Paris Pedrera fault, the Fallera Local Board will know the chronology of the events.

On the morning of March 14 to 15, the Local Police of Dénia paralyzes the plant of the monument of the Paris Pedrera fault for the denunciation of a veí.

At 7:45 a.m. on March 15, the president of the Fallera Local Board, Jaume Bertomeu, rep the maid of the president of Paris Pedrera, Casildo González, who explains the problems that have occurred last night. Immediately, the president of the Fallera Local Board informed the mayor of the city by telephone, who at that moment disconnected the situation, and gave the telephone number of the representative of the fallera so that he could contact them.

By the end of the 15th, both the president and members of the Board of Directors of the Fallera Local Board telephoned the officers and members of the board of directors of the Fallera to be interested in the situation and offer their reward.

The president of the Local Fallera Board visits the Paris Pedrera falla three times in order to talk with its president, whom he meets on the third time, on the 15th of the evening, before the albaes to the major fallers of the city.

Eixe mateix day, from Paris Pedrera is requesting the president of the Fallera Local Board that the visit of the qualifying jury of the Dénia fallas on March 17 is delayed to be able to arrive at the plant in time. The president, Jaume Bertomeu, informs him that he does not have the power to modify a decision that is going to vote for the assembly.

It is for this reason that the Fallera Local Board convenes an extraordinary assembly on the eve of March 16 to vote on a change of time, which is finally approved, and delays the visit of the jury to the Paris Pedrera demarcation which, according to Inform the Local Fallera Board, arrive in time for the visit. Finally, it will not be necessary to eixe canvi d'hora and the jury will visit the monument of París Pedrera, in the first place, as it was on the plane.

The 2023 have followed some record falls, with almost 2000 fallers in the streets, some monuments of quality and an organization that has completed timetables, highlighting especially the development of the offering, the fastest in history - the parade will end at 13:00 p.m.- and also the most crowded.

Per això, from the Local Fallera Board we regret that, after almost a week, the Paris Pedrera commission made these unfortunate accusations that they do not fan more than to touch on some celebrations in which the Dénia faller collective has continued to be exemplary.

From the first moment, both the president and members of the Fallera Local Board have expressed their appreciation to the commission and have regretted what is going to happen, and have been in direct contact with the board of directors of the failure, especially their contact. mood

The collectiu faller de Dénia is not worthy of donating this image with unreal confrontations, when, after the difficult years that I saw them, they are more united than mai.

From the Fallera Local Board no can Rather than regret these unfortunate accusations, turn the page and look with enthusiasm and optimism at the failures of 2024.

Consult the previous communication of the Paris Pedrera Fault.

  1. Joan says:

    This JLF from Dénia, you have to resign in full, they do not defend what per collons has to do, this JLF is very controversial ideologically and cannot continue any more ..

  2. Ignacio says:

    Solution? Withdrawal of subsidy to all. On top of fighting among themselves. If they had to pay for it out of their pockets, as they did before, these things would not happen.