All the children's monuments of the Fallas de Dénia 2023, ordered by prizes

17 March 2023 - 13: 43

The prizes of the failures children of Dénia this year. The monuments have dawned today already completed for the visit of the jury and can now be visited in each of the districts of the city.

Now, if you still can't leave the house and just as we have done with the big, you can see here the eleven children's monuments of the Fallas de Dénia of 2023 ordered according to their awards.

Children's Special Section

First Prize: Falla Center

Second Prize: Falla Paris-Pedrera

Third Prize: Falla Baix la Mar

Fourth Prize: West Falla

Children's First Section

First Prize: Falla Saladar

Second Prize: Falla Campaments

Third Prize: Port-Rotes Fault

Fourth Prize: Falla Darrere del Castell

Fifth Prize: Falla Diana

Sixth Prize: Falla Roques

Seventh Prize: Falla Camp Roig

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  1. luzmarielaperez says:

    all very beautiful